aA Aqua Kit

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a.A Aqua Cleanser

a.A Aqua Cleasnesr which contains peptide complex and AhA cleans and purifies your skin without dryness. A fine textured lather helps to purify skin and unclog pores by removing dirt and sebum.

DIRECTION FOR USE Apply appropriate amount of gel cleanser on your wet palm and work into as rich lather. Massage the lather gently over your wet face avoiding your eyes, then rinse thoroughly. Use every morning and night.

a.A Aqua Mist

a.A Aqua Mist helps to stimulate the natural renewal process of the skin while balancing ph level. it keeps skin hydrated and refreshed while preventing from inflammation.

DIRECTION FOR USE After cleaning your face with a.A Aqua Cleanser, spray a.A Aqua mist onto your face and target areas on a daily basis to revitalize and invigorate your skin.

a.A Aqua Corrector

Enriched with biomimetic peptides and AhA formula, which provides elasticity, renders smoothness to the skin and reduces pore size.

DIRECTION FOR USE Apply a.A Aqua Corrector with applicator on the target area. Use every morning and night. Do not use your fingertips.


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